Building N1

World class facility located in the heart of the industrial area of Mexicali, Mexico. At the Maran Industrial Park.

    • Building counts with natural gas installation on site.
    • 3 loading docks and capacity to grow to 6 additional docks.
    • Over 50 parking stalls.
    • Production area restrooms.
    • Cafeteria area included.
    • Equipment and hazmat rooms already in place.
    • Building also includes production area lighting and a 1500 KVA transformer.


Concrete Slab:

Steel-reinforced concrete, 5 in. deep, 3,000 psi


Based on rigid and seismic frames, updated to 2012 local Construction Code  with a 0.45 seismic coefficient

Exterior wall type construction

Double metallic Pintro walls, insulation factor R-19


Sandwich-type; outside: Zintro 24 Ga KR-18 metal sheets with insulation factor R-19 in between; white Pintro 24 Ga type R-72 metal sheets

Electrical Supply

1,500 KVA substation

Interior Warehouse Lighting

Eight rows installed on the roof, covering all production area



50 spaces


Evaporative Coolers and A/C in Office Area

Fire Suppresion System:

According to City Code (cabinets and hoses)


7 Loading docks.