Building N11

World class facility located in the heart of the industrial area of Mexicali, Mexico. At the Maran Industrial Park.

    • 160,614 sf.
    • 8,671 sf offices.
    • Extensive amenities:
    • TRANE Chiller system.
    • Fire Sprinklers, 4500 KvA.
    • Electrical Capacity, Advanced Security System.
    • Natural Gas, Compressed Air Loop.


Concrete Slab:

Steel-reinforced concrete, 5 in. deep, 3,000 psi


Based on rigid and seismic frames, updated to 2012 local Construction Code  with a 0.45 seismic coefficient

Exterior wall type construction

Double metallic Pintro walls, insulation factor R-19


Sandwich-type; outside: Zintro 24 Ga KR-18 metal sheets with insulation factor R-19 in between; white Pintro 24 Ga type R-72 metal sheets

Electrical Supply

Substation including one 1,000 KVA and one 2,500 KVA  transformers; 21 dry transformers; 4 main E Lines (3x1,600 AMP y 1x1,200 AMP); 22 480V/220V auxiliary boards in production area; main lighting board for independent control by sectors; surge arrester system for the whole building; 5 capacitor banks 



136 spaces


TRANE chiller system including two 250-ton compressors plus four blowers to distribute air throughout the building (including offices); preparations to install 14 additional units on the roof.

Fire Suppresion System:

Sprinklers in production, office and warehouse areas, 125,378 Gal water tank, diesel engine and pump, jockey pump, 21 cabinets with hoses

Other Amenities:

Compressed air loop, natural, argon and LP gas installations, outside rooms: compressors, haz-mat storage, trash disposal, maintenance and equipment, central Control System including: 40 CCTV cameras, magnetic locks, controlled-access system, outdoor infrarred motion sensors, gas leak detection system, 26 pull stations, 7 backup powe units, 10 heat sensors, 73 smoke sensors, voice + data cabling, 4 restroom modules in production area